Friday, 30 September 2011

"Happiness with a floral and fruity touch. :) "

Hey guys!!!!!!!!
                        I've missed you guys so much.But now I'm back with a new post.First of all i want to thank all of you for your support.I just had 100 followers.

you have no idea how happy I am and this is all because of you guys.You always find time to read and comment on my blog.When I started this blog a month ago,I had no idea that i'll have 100 followers in such a short time.So a big "THANK YOU" to all of you people out there.

As the title of this post says,this post is about two things.First of which is a review.So here we go. :)

This perfume "guess for women" by guess is absolutely a great one.I don't like strong perfumes.So this is a perfect for me.It's quite light but stays on you the whole day.It's great for school,work,parties or anyother occasion.It's great for day time as well as night time.As I said it's quite versatile.It can be used at any time and for any occasion.The price is the best thing about it.It's price ranges from 25 to 35 dollars.

It comes in a very simple but cute packaging.Inside the box there is a cute pink bag in which the perfume is packed.The bottle itself is really cute.
It's scent is a mixture of fruity and floral scents.But the floral scents are dominant.As far as I can smell this perfume is a mixture of peach,apple and some other juicy fruits.As you spray it you can feel a hint of vanilla scent and floral scents.It's scent is quite feminine and sweet.It stays the whole day for me.
A reviewer gave a perfect explanation of it's scent.
                                                                           "It's clean and fruity.Imagine yourself eating an apple and you passed by a garden with fresh smelling flowers.That's how it smells."

It received mostly positive comments.So I can say that it's great for almost all kinds of people.
Have you tried this perfume?????????If yes then do tell me your review on it. :)

Now for the happiness part.Yes,I'm very happy, almost dancing.Because I received 4 blog awards.CAN YOU BELIEVE IT "4!!!!!!!".First of all I received a "CREATIVE BLOG" award from "Mursal Nasseri".Thank you Mursal!!!!.Check out her blog

The other three blogs,I received from another great blog "Fashion Cousense".I really love their style.They work for charity so they are great.A big thank you to them.Check out their blog

So here are the seven random things about me.

1.I don't apply makeup regularly.Only on parties and other occasions.
2.I used to hate beauty and fashion until I was 12.
3.I hate ironing my clothes.I always convince someone else to do the ironing for me.
4.I love photography and travelling.
5.I am very lame.
6.I love scottish accent.Even though I can't speak it myself.But I love to hear actor James Mcavoy speaking english.Because he has the greatest scottish accent
7.I love watching beauty videos on youtube.You can say that I am madly in love with them.I am subscribed to almost over 100 beauty gurus.

So now it's time to give these three awards away to my favourate bloggers.So here they are.


There are many more.Dozens of them.But I cannot mention all of them now.But they all are my favourate..

So this was the whole post Hope you like it.Feel free to give your suggestions or ask any question.

A woman whose smile is open and whose expression is glad has a kind of beauty no matter what she wears.
Anne Roiphe 

STAY HAPPY!!!!!!!!



Saturday, 24 September 2011


Hey Guys!!!!!
                    It has been quite a long time since I last posted.I have just been busy with college.So the topic I chose today is forever 21 dresses ( have always loved their stuff because it's good and cheap.And I'm not a very rich person so I really like cheap was looking online for their stuff and I found their new collection of dresses.Some pieces really attracted my attention.So I chose to show you some pieces.All of them are quite different from each other so you have quite a lot of variety.So here they are.
                                         1. "Mock Scarf Dress"

It's a really casual and trendy dress.Pair it up with glamorous high heals and jewellary and it's perfect for a night out.The price is 29.80 dollars.

                        2. "Crepe Chiffon Assymetrical Dress"

This one shoulder dress is so simple but looks really elegant.White gives it that decency that looks so attractive.It's great for day time because it's has a very light soothing affect.The price is 27.80 dollars.

                               3. "Pleated Contrast Dress"

This casual dress is great for day time.The black belt really brings out the dirty pink.It's great for school or office.It's really light and looks easy to handle.The price is 22.80 dollars.

         4. "Textured Chiffon Dress With Woven Belt"

This dress is perfect for both day and night time.Coral is the colour of this season and the brown belt really adds the depth to this dress.The price is 27.80 dollars.

                               5. "Paisley Front Shift Dress"

This dress really attracted my attention.It's simple and casual but looks really bright.I love the print and I think it will look nice on everybody.The price is 24.80 dollars.

                                  6. "Beaded Halter Dress"

The detailing on this dress is really nice.It looks really formal and is great for a night out.This dress gives that really expensive look.The price is 32.80 dollars.

I hope that you'll like this post.Feel free to give your suggestions or ask any question.Do tell me if there are other good brands which sell cheap but good stuff.I'd love to check them out. :)

Which one of these dresses is your favourate?????

STAY HAPPY!!!!!!!!!



Thursday, 15 September 2011


Hey Guys!!!!!
                     How are you guys?Hope that you are all well.So one of the most common problems among girls and women is uneven skin tone.So today I'll share some remedies for uneven skin tone with you.Uneven skin tone is caused by many factors.Most of them are biological.But harsh environment also plays an important role.Sun rays and pollutionalso cause uneveness.So instead of going for creams or un natural means,here are some natural ways to reduce uneveness.The results depends upon your skin type.For some it may take days and for some it may take months.So here they are.

1.One of the most effective remedy for uneven skin tone is to exfoliate the skin with the mixture of yogurt and grounded orange peels.apply the paste on your skin and after some time wash it off or wipe with a soft cloth.

It helps to remove the dead cells,which evens out the skin tone.In this paste instead of yogurt,curd can also be used.

2. Another remedy is the use of lemon juice on the skin.You can apply it on the face,leave it for a few minutes and then wash it off.Lemon juice helps to get rid of the dirt and brightens the skin.

3. You can also apply tomato on your face.Massage tomato paste for about ten minutes to rectify an uneven skin tone.It also clears blemishes and patches.

4. Application of honey is also an effective natural remedy to correct uneven skin tone.

5. Another remedy is to apply the residual water of yogurt with a few drops of lime juice.Leave this on your skin for a while and then wash it off.

6. Another remedy is to apply rose water on your skin before going to sleep at night.Apply it directly or with a cotton wool.

7. Alot of fruits,vegetables,pulses and juices in your diet will also help to even out your skin tone.It keeps your skin fresh and lively.

Hope these tips help you.
Feel free to give your suggestions or ask any question.

Stay happy!!!!!!!!


  " KUKI "    

Sunday, 11 September 2011


Hey Smarties!!!!!
                          As you know that I am a complete youtube junkie.I'm almost obsessed with youtube beauty videos.I'm watching them all the time.I think I'm subscribed to almost 100 youtube gurus.So I was watching the beauty videos on youtube.I came across a video by "bebexo".She usually makes hairstyles videos.Her hairstyles are very trendy and easy to do.The special thing about this video was that it was for short hair which is very hard to find.Since I had a haircut at the start of this year so I really needed to learn these kind of these styles.The video is titled as "trendy hairstyles for short hair".So here's the video.

The first one is a simple hairstyle.It's great if you start by loosely curling you hair.You can also do it with straight hair.Just comb your hair and do a side part on your hair.Start braiding you hair by taking a 2 inch piece of hair.Do an half french braid in such a way that you add pieces of hair to the normal braid from your side of the face but do not add pieces of hair from the other side.After doing that you can also do a side pony tail or leave your hair open like in the video.This hairstyle is very popular among the celebrities these days.Here are a few pictures.

The second one is a faux assymetrical bob.It's quite different.You just roll on pieces of hair and pin them with bobby pins on one side.For the other side you do a assymetrical bob type thing by teasing the hair and giving them a lot of volume.She curled her hair in this hairstyle.But it also looks great with straight hair.I have seen some celebrities supporting this hairstyle and rihanna is one of them.

The third one is a flip out updo.For me it's the cutest one.I recommend to curl your hair first because it doubles the beauty of this hairstyle.Do a regular high pony tail first.Then loose your ponytail and make a hole and flip your all hair through it.Actually it's quite hard to explain.You should check out this video so that you can easily understand what I'm saying.This updo looks really elegant and looks even great if you add an accessory like a flower on it.

The fourth one is a regular top knot bun.But the great thing she did in it was to create a voluminous bun with short hair which almost all of us struggle to do.Just do an extremely high ponytail at the top of your head.Then one by one take pieces of hair and after creating a round shape of the bun attach them to the base of the pony with bobby pins.It's quite easy to do and is explained quite easily in this video.Finish off with a flower or any other accessory because it looks cuter with it.The top knot bun has always been popular among the celebrities and is great to keep your hair out of your face.

The last hairstyle is really unique.It's called faux hawk.It looks very complicated but it's really easy to do as shown in the video.It's quite hard do explain and I am quite sure that you won't understand me so its better for you to check out the video.Believe me it's very trendy and glamourous.

Hope you all like this post.Do check out this video.Also check out her other videos.They are all great.
Free to give your suggestions or ask any question.

Which one of these hairstyles is your favourate????

Stay happy!!!

Wednesday, 7 September 2011


Hey Guys!!!!!
                     It has been quite a while since I posted my last blog.I have been quite busy.So now I decided to do my all time makeup favourates.It sounds quite funny because I have been into makeup for only about 1 and a half year.I don't have much makeup.Just 2 pallettes,4 mascaras,3 blushes,some eyeliners,2 lipsticks and a few lipglosses.And I do all of my makeup with these some things.But these are some of the things that I have loved throughout my teeny tiny makeup journey.

Maybelline's dream musse concealer was the first ever concealer that I ever bought.But I have been loving it since.It has been 1 year and I have only used half of it.Its cheap and you can use it for a long time.The amount in the jar is quite enough.Due to the fact that it's a mousse,I think that it's good for all skin types.I have oily skin and it's suits me very much.

Well,I bought this concealer because it was very cheap but to my surprise it worked amazing.Rimmel's hide the blemish concealer has a creamy texture.It's quite easy to apply due to it's stick like packaging.I first apply this concealer and finish it off with maybelline's dream mousse concealer.They both work together really well.

Mascaras are one of my favourate makeup goodies.Out of some 6 to 7 mascars I have used in my life,maybelline's collosal mascara is the best one.It's packaging says that it gives upto 7 times volume.And believe me it gives amazing length and volume and it also seperates your lashes.It's quite good and lumps free.

I have always been searching for an eyeliner that is easy to apply because I am quite shaky with my hands.Maybelline's define a line eyeliner is great.It has a creamy texture and has a smudger at it's other end.I really like drawing a thin line on my eyelid and smudging it out.It's quite cheap and works quite well.

I don't do much eyemakeup.I usualy use nuetral colours.So I am always searching for bronzy eyeshadows.Rimmels duo eyeshadows are quite good.I have one with three shadows,light bronze,dark bronze and pinky bronze.These colours are quite good for doing a simple eye look.The best thing : they are CHEAP.....

I don't have many blushes.But this one is really good.I have maybelline's blush in peachy coral colour.And it works really well.It is pigmented but not too much and it gives a healthy glow to your cheeks.And it's quite cheap.I guess 3 to 4 dollars.

I don't do much makeup.nuetral eyes,peachy cheaks and coral lips is all I usually do.Rimmel's lipstick in light coral is great and gives a natural look.It's pigmented and has a very smooth application.

Hope you like this post.Feel free to give your suggestions or ask any question related to anything beauty.
What is your favourate makeup goody??????