Wednesday, 5 October 2011

"Get The Look : Blake Lively"

Hey Guys!!!!!!
                      Good to see you all again.It has almost been a week.I was just busy with some things.But now i'm back.First Of all I want to thank all of you for congratulating me on my previous post.I received those blog awards just because of you.And secondly this is my last post for the next 2 to 3 weeks because i'm going on a vacation and would'nt find time to write on my blog.I know i'll miss you guys so much but what can I do.

So now to todays post.Today I chose to do a "get the look" post.And this time,I'm inspired by the style of "Blake Lively".She has a great style and the outfits that I chose today are casual ones.So you can wear them anyday.For me get the look post is when you adopt a celebrity's style in a very less budget.So all the things that I chose today are from forver 21.All of them are cheap and almost similar to what she's wearing.I could't find the exact stuff but all of them are very similar to her style in these photos.So here we go.

                                                           "OUTFIT NO. 1"

So in this pic she is wearing a very comfortable,slightly loose button shirt.This shirt has quarter sleeves which gives it a very casual look.Then she's wearing black short "shorts".lol.For the shoes she's wearing sort of suede high heels.Here's the stuff that I found similar to hers.

These two were quite similar to hers.But I couldn't find the green one.But they give quite similar look.Open neck,loose button shirt and quarter sleeves.The black one is 27.80 dollars and the pink one is 17.80 dollars.
They are both from forever 21.

I found these tight shorts from forever 21.They are quite similar to hers as you can see in the pic.The price is only 15.80 dollars.

These forever 21 shoes are quite similar to hers.The look and the heels are the same.But she had dark blue ones.The price is 22.80 dollars.

                                                             "OUTFIT NO. 2"

So in these pics she's wearing a short polka dot dress with an off white cardigan.For the shoes,she has very simple looking faunish offwhite flats.Her bag is a very small one with a long chain.The bag was the most hardest to find.So heres the stuff that I found.

These were the similar dresses that I found from forever 21.She is wearing a dark blue one.Here I found a light brown one.It is 22.80 dollars.The black one is also very similar.It is 24.80 dollars.But there style is quite the similar.

Here I found the similar cardigan but in black.It will look great on the black dress.The price is only 11.50 dollars.

This is a sequined cardigan.I personally think it will look good on the light brown dress.The sequins add a little bit extra cuteness to the dress.The price is only 19.80 dollars.

For her flats I found these similar to hers.They are from forever 21.They have a similar simplicity and shine in them.And I like the bronze colour more.The price is 16.80 dollars.

Her bag was the most difficult to find.But i found some on forever 21 that have the same kind of look.The first one is 19.80 dollars and the second one is 27.80 dollars.

                                     "A witty woman is a treasure; a witty beauty is a power."
                                                                                                                         (George Meredith)

What is your favourate item in these outfits?????????????

Hope you like this post.Fell free to ask any question or to give your suggestions.