Saturday, 27 August 2011


Hey Guys!!!!!!
                      So the topic I chose today is H&M's tops.I found some very nice tops at their site which I would like you to see.So here they are........

I really liked this sweater.It's really elegant and simple.The price is only 24.95 dollars.

This printed blouse looks very tribal and colourful.Perfect for summer.The price is only 29.95 dollars.

I have to say that i fell in love with this blouse and literally screamed when I saw the price.It's only 9.95 dollars.It's so flowy and bright.It's also available in white and patterned.

This glamorous yet elegant blouse is only 29.95 dollars.nice deal. :)

This checked blouse was 39.95 dollars.

This cardigan is so smart and perfect for fall.The price is 49.95 dollars.

This cardigan just stole my heart.The price is only 24.95 dollars.
I hope you like them all.Which one is your favourate????

feel free to give your ideas and suggestions.

Friday, 26 August 2011


Hey Guys!!!!
                    So the topic I chose today is the makeup that beyonce did in her music video of song 'THE BEST THING I NEVER HAD".The makeup is so pretty and simple.It's basically a bridal look but is great for everyday wear.The whole look is very bright and glowy.The best video on this makeup that i found on youtube was of "maquerade makeup".She did this look so nicely that I was immensly impressed.

So lets start the look.............................


Her eyes were very nuetral.First apply a base colour.The colour she used was lllamasqua cream shadow in amorous.The colour I used was a really light bronze colour from rimmels three colour pallette.Then apply a bright whitish gold colour in the bottom half of your lid and inner corners.She used revlon's eyeliner pencil in ice gold.I used a whitish gold colour from loreal's pallette.Then take a peach colour and apply it on the crease with a blending brush.She used the colour from blush proffesional 88 colour pallette.Well I used my maybelline's peach coloured blush as eyeshadow(I know that sounds crazy).Then take a beige colour and fill in the space between the peach shadow and the whitish gold colour.Blend it well.Next step is to line your eyes.The liner is kept soft so use an eyeshadow instead.She used brown eyeshadow from her pallette.I used dark brown shadow from my loreal pallette.Line your waterline with white eyepencil.I prefer black because white doesn't suite me.Finally take a shimmery colour to highlight your browbone.Curl your lashes and apply mascara.This is it for your eye makeup.Very simple and bright. :)


Aplly a peach colour blush.I used maybelline's one.While she used her lipstick as a blush.Also apply a bit of highlighter to brighten your cheeks.For the lips apply a pinkish peach colour.I used rimmel's one.I finished the lips by applying maybellines lip colour in coral.

So this is the whole look.I really like it.Hope you find this post useful.Feel free to give your suggestions and ask for any advice. :)


Tuesday, 23 August 2011


Hey Guys!!!!
                    The topic I chose today was forever 21 stuff ( found some of their amazing stuff online.The prices are very low.I hope you like them.


I loved this dress.It is simple but has a glamorous look to itself.The price is only 22.80 dollars.

Coral is the colour of this season.This coral coloured dress with black belt is amazing for every day wear.The price is only 15.50 dollars.

This dirty purple coloured dress is simple but has a certain beauty to it.With good choice of accesories,it can look great on you.The price is 19.80 dollars.


This simple yet cute scarf is great for everyday wear.The price is 12.80 dollars.

This tribal patterned scarf is really pretty.It's perfect for adding a pop of colour to your outfit.The price is only 8.80 dollars.

I loved the print of this pink scarf.The price is only 9.80 dollars.


These two necklaces are really pretty.The upper one is elegent while the lower one is more funky and girly.The price is only 6.80 dollars.

I totally love this necklace.It reminds me alot of old times.The price is only 4.80 dollars.


This bracelet looks so pricy.It has such an expensive look.But the price is only 7.80 dollars.

I really like this one.The price is 8.80 dollars.

I really like big bangle type bracelets.And it's just perfect for me.The price is 10.80 dollars.

This charm bracelet is great for everyday wear.The price is only 5.80 dollars.


I really like these earings.They are elegant and can really bring out a simple outfit.The price is only 4.80 dollars.

Love these.The price is only 6.80 dollars.

These earings remind me so much of east.The price is only 4.80 dollars.

So these are the things that i'm really loving.I hope you like them.Do tell me if you check these out.Feel free to give your suggestions and ask questions.

Which ones are your favourate????????????? I like them all. :)


Sunday, 21 August 2011

"Emma Watson inspired makeup"

Hey Guys!!!!!
                      The topic i chose today was emma watson makeup.Her makeup is always very nice and nuetral.At youtube i was watching makeup videos.I came across "missjessicaharlows" emma watson inspired makeup tutorial.The look that she did was inspires from Emma Watson's makeup at harry potter deathly hallows premier.Well i have to say that it's not the look that you can wear everyday.It's very dark and dramatic.But it's great to wear on parties and other functions.The main focas of this look is on eyes.


The base colour used for this look is colour can be used in any brand.You don;t need to go for high end.The NYX black shadow is great.You have to blend the black colour very well so there are no sharp edges.After that take a dark brown color on a blending brush and apply  it on the crease.This is going to give a soft edge.The dark brown i used was from loreal pallette.But it's totally up to you.Then take a bright golden colour and apply it on the inner corner and on the inner one third of the eye.This will brighten up your eyes.Apply a light tone colour to highlight your brow bone.I used a light bronze colour from loreal.At the end blend these colours lightly with a blending brush.This look has a very unique thing.Apply some kind of glue on the outer one third of your eye.Take golden glitter or sequences and apply the on the outer one third of your eye with the help of the tweezers.This will give a great look to your eyes.And it looks very unique.Sadly I didn't have any glitter so i have to skip this step.At the end apply liquid eyeliner.remember to keep the line very thin because the eye makeup is too dramatic.Line your water line with black pencil liner.I used maybelline's define a line in black.Finish off with black mascara.I used maybelline's collossal mascara in black which is my all time favourate.

The main focas of this look is on the eyes.So the remaining face is kept quite simple and nuetral.She didn't apply much blush.So you can touch up a bit of peach coloured blush.I used maybellines one.Lips are quite simple and nude.She didn't use any gloss.Her lips were quite matte.I used rimmel's lipstick in coral.

So this was the whole look.I hope you enjoyed it and find it useful.Feel free to ask anything or give your suggestions to improve this look.


Thursday, 18 August 2011


Hey Guys!!!
                   I came upon forever 21 new shoes collection.I found some very nice pieces which were cheap but attention diverting.Here are some of them.

These sandals are from forever 21.They look so elegant but at the same time glamouras.They were only 22.80 dollars.

These flats are perfect for everyday wear.As far as I remember they were 19 dollars.They are nuetral and can go with anything.

I fell in love with these boots the moment i saw them.They kind of remind me of Sherlock  Holmes.They were of 34.80 dollars.

These vintage looking boots attracted my attention.The detailing at the top looks very nice.They were only of 27.80 dollars.

                                                       ZARA SHOES

I also found extremely gorgeous shoes at zara's.Here they are.

Well i have to say that these are one of the most gorgeous shoes i have ever seen.They are of 129 dollars.But believe me they are worth the money.

The moment i saw these i was like "i have to get these.The brown and black contrast looks so amazing.The price is 129 dollars.

These jet black boots have unique desighn and looks bold and beautiful.the price is 99 dollars.

These were from zara's new shoes collection.They have a brilliant colour and look so glamouras.They are a bit pricy.Their price is 159 dollars.

OMG.When i saw these shoes i was like "they are so amazing".The colours look so amazing and flattering.they are of 99.90 dollars.

I hope you like these shoes.Tell me which one is your favourate.
Which shoe brand is your favourate?


Wednesday, 17 August 2011

"Adele inspired makeup"

Hey Guys!!!!!!
                      so the topic i chose today is ADELE makeup.A few days ago i saw an adele inspired makeup on makeup geek tv.It was a very simple makeup using only 3 colours and liquid black eyeliner.It was a very simple but elegent look.I tried it and it looked amazing.
The base colour she used was kind of light bronze by mac.the dupe which i used was light coloured bronze from rimmel three colour pallette.It worked perfectly fine.The coloured that she used on the crease was NYX single colour in taupe.that taupe colour is easy to find in any company.The last colour is for highlighting the browbone and inner corners.the dupe that i used was from loreal's pallette.To finish the look apply black eyeliner.I suggest to keep the line thin.At the end apply black eyeliner on water line and apply black mascara.The mascara i used was maybellines collosal masacara.It's amazing.Overall the look is amazing.I finished it with peach coloured blush and coral lipstick.
Do tell me if you try out this look that how it turned out for you.or if you have any better suggestions to make this look more beautiful.

Monday, 15 August 2011


Hey guys!!!!
I woke up this morning thinking about what to blog i decided that i am very much interested in beauty related i'll blog about beauty related things.everyday would be a different thing.hauls.looks and much more.
feel free to ask any question.


HEY GUYS!!!!!!

Hi Guys!!!!!!!
Welcome to my blog "kukiskuku".Here I'm gonna blog about different topics.I want my blog to be read by all genders.Here i'm gonna discuss different topics which according to me or you are worth discussing.They can be anything but should be enjoyable.I'm a teen myself so you can predict about the nature of topics.But mostly the topics are gonna be about the entertainment industry and the problems that the teens are facing.You can tell me your problems and we can duscuss them.I want it to be a friendly blog with interesting discussions.If guys or girls need any beauty advice,i can also help with that because I'm interested in beauty related things.Feel free to give your suggestions and i'll surely take them.There will also be many polls.

I'm also interested in writing.I also right poems and short stories.I'll also post those so that you can tell me how they are and tell me what to improve in them.So i hope that you become a member of my blog. :)