Thursday, 18 August 2011


Hey Guys!!!
                   I came upon forever 21 new shoes collection.I found some very nice pieces which were cheap but attention diverting.Here are some of them.

These sandals are from forever 21.They look so elegant but at the same time glamouras.They were only 22.80 dollars.

These flats are perfect for everyday wear.As far as I remember they were 19 dollars.They are nuetral and can go with anything.

I fell in love with these boots the moment i saw them.They kind of remind me of Sherlock  Holmes.They were of 34.80 dollars.

These vintage looking boots attracted my attention.The detailing at the top looks very nice.They were only of 27.80 dollars.

                                                       ZARA SHOES

I also found extremely gorgeous shoes at zara's.Here they are.

Well i have to say that these are one of the most gorgeous shoes i have ever seen.They are of 129 dollars.But believe me they are worth the money.

The moment i saw these i was like "i have to get these.The brown and black contrast looks so amazing.The price is 129 dollars.

These jet black boots have unique desighn and looks bold and beautiful.the price is 99 dollars.

These were from zara's new shoes collection.They have a brilliant colour and look so glamouras.They are a bit pricy.Their price is 159 dollars.

OMG.When i saw these shoes i was like "they are so amazing".The colours look so amazing and flattering.they are of 99.90 dollars.

I hope you like these shoes.Tell me which one is your favourate.
Which shoe brand is your favourate?



  1. Omg these shoes are incredible!!! i just went to forever 21 and didn't even see these. I love the boots and the heal! thnx for your comment btw:)

  2. @makeupbyjem I know.I fell in love with these shoes.Maybe they were out of stock when you went to forever 21.
    u welcome. :)

  3. Great shoe collection! So funny we both picked the same forever 21 shoes - love that store :) Following you now!

  4. @meggan thanks for following.yeah i noticed that we both picked the same flats.....they are just so cute.

  5. I totally love the first and fifth ones. :)

  6. @sandra yeah i know i totally fell in love with the 5th one.
    i visited your blog.It was amazing.I'm in love with your