Wednesday, 17 August 2011

"Adele inspired makeup"

Hey Guys!!!!!!
                      so the topic i chose today is ADELE makeup.A few days ago i saw an adele inspired makeup on makeup geek tv.It was a very simple makeup using only 3 colours and liquid black eyeliner.It was a very simple but elegent look.I tried it and it looked amazing.
The base colour she used was kind of light bronze by mac.the dupe which i used was light coloured bronze from rimmel three colour pallette.It worked perfectly fine.The coloured that she used on the crease was NYX single colour in taupe.that taupe colour is easy to find in any company.The last colour is for highlighting the browbone and inner corners.the dupe that i used was from loreal's pallette.To finish the look apply black eyeliner.I suggest to keep the line thin.At the end apply black eyeliner on water line and apply black mascara.The mascara i used was maybellines collosal masacara.It's amazing.Overall the look is amazing.I finished it with peach coloured blush and coral lipstick.
Do tell me if you try out this look that how it turned out for you.or if you have any better suggestions to make this look more beautiful.


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  2. @kylieprice
    thanks.i appreciate your comment very much.i visited your was looks like you put a lot of work into makeup.:)