Sunday, 21 August 2011

"Emma Watson inspired makeup"

Hey Guys!!!!!
                      The topic i chose today was emma watson makeup.Her makeup is always very nice and nuetral.At youtube i was watching makeup videos.I came across "missjessicaharlows" emma watson inspired makeup tutorial.The look that she did was inspires from Emma Watson's makeup at harry potter deathly hallows premier.Well i have to say that it's not the look that you can wear everyday.It's very dark and dramatic.But it's great to wear on parties and other functions.The main focas of this look is on eyes.


The base colour used for this look is colour can be used in any brand.You don;t need to go for high end.The NYX black shadow is great.You have to blend the black colour very well so there are no sharp edges.After that take a dark brown color on a blending brush and apply  it on the crease.This is going to give a soft edge.The dark brown i used was from loreal pallette.But it's totally up to you.Then take a bright golden colour and apply it on the inner corner and on the inner one third of the eye.This will brighten up your eyes.Apply a light tone colour to highlight your brow bone.I used a light bronze colour from loreal.At the end blend these colours lightly with a blending brush.This look has a very unique thing.Apply some kind of glue on the outer one third of your eye.Take golden glitter or sequences and apply the on the outer one third of your eye with the help of the tweezers.This will give a great look to your eyes.And it looks very unique.Sadly I didn't have any glitter so i have to skip this step.At the end apply liquid eyeliner.remember to keep the line very thin because the eye makeup is too dramatic.Line your water line with black pencil liner.I used maybelline's define a line in black.Finish off with black mascara.I used maybelline's collossal mascara in black which is my all time favourate.

The main focas of this look is on the eyes.So the remaining face is kept quite simple and nuetral.She didn't apply much blush.So you can touch up a bit of peach coloured blush.I used maybellines one.Lips are quite simple and nude.She didn't use any gloss.Her lips were quite matte.I used rimmel's lipstick in coral.

So this was the whole look.I hope you enjoyed it and find it useful.Feel free to ask anything or give your suggestions to improve this look.



  1. Emma Watson has always been my favourite girl. Her makeup are always elegant just like herself :) really nice post to feature her!

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  2. yeah i know and shes too pretty.
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  3. I love it! Emma Watson always looks so flawless:)

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  6. I got to see her eye makeup up close at the NY Premiere- it was awesome! thanks for your comment-following you now!

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